Terms & Conditions

1. MAKITA / MAKTAC’s repair and replacement services are provided free of charge by the company in case of damages caused by faulty manufacturing within 1 year from date of purchase (with the exception of heat guns which have a 6-month warranty).

2. Battery and Battery Charger are included in 1-year warranty term and condition via the online registration in mymakita.in.th . (Those claimed products will be examined for any abnormal state before acceptance).

3. Makita engined, heat guns, laser product categories and Torch(not include incandescent) are 6-month warranty after date of purchase in case of damages caused by faulty manufacturing. Those faults occurred by the customer’s uses are out of warranty scope.

4. Warranty will be valid only if products are registered via the QR code or via www.makita.in.th within 14 days of purchase date on the receipt.

5. Warranty will not be issued if a product has been registered incorrectly or if a product has been purchased from outside of Thailand.

6. This warranty will also be null and void in any of the following events: repair, remove, adapt by anyone who is not a MAKITA/MAKTEC representative or an authorized MAKITA/MAKTEC service provider.

7. In addition, warranty will be honored if

7.1 The product is not a legitimate product from MAKITA/MAKTEC.

7.2 Misuse of product not according to the usage recommendations or beyond its designed capacity.

7.3 Alterations or augmentations of product with unlicensed or uncertified MAKITA/MAKTEC parts.

7.4 Damages caused by accident, negligence, fall, incorrect storage (such as humidity and rust), or natural disasters.

7.5 Faulty electrical eqs such as wiring issues, insufficient or excess electrical power, etc.

7.6 Damages caused by attaching inappropriate accessories that are not genuine devices from MAKITA/MAKTEC.

7.7 Wear and tears of parts from normal usages, such as carbon brushes, wires, plugs, drill bits, etc.

7.8 The fan jacket categories and additional or other accessories (such as Adapter) are not covered in the warranty.

8. The warranty does not include delivery cost and carfare. Other related costs such as shipping and delivery costs may be borne by purchaser.

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